A Walk Through Alexandria

I went to Old Town this morning to meet a friend for brunch. I decided to walk since the weather is warming up after a couple of frigid weeks that made me want to hibernate. The exercise also didn’t hurt, since we were going to a place called Bread & Chocolate (my two favorite things).

It’s a 1.4 mile walk, and Ernie’s is the first business I see when I turn onto King Street (the main street on Old Town). I’ve never been there, since I don’t like seafood.

I’ve also never been to Hard Times Cafe, but it’s distinctive because there’s a horse parked outside.

My favorite sewing store in the area, Stitch Sew Shop, is on a side street.

Killer ESP is a cafe that has nutella-filled scones. Seating is always an issue though, since it’s tiny.

The Majestic Cafe is one of those restaurants where, at the end of the meal, they give you compressed napkins that expand. They place a dish on your table with what look like two marshmallows. They pour hot water over them and poof, there’s your napkin. They have good gnocchi here but it’s only available in autumn and winter.

And that’s the end of the tour!  I should have taken a picture of Bread & Chocolate but it’s pretty unremarkable.

Random Thoughts

  • A sewing store in Maryland is offering the same dressmaking workshop that I signed up for in Nashville. I’m taking the local workshop instead, but the trip to Tennessee is still on for sightseeing.
  • January 25 will be the two-year anniversary of our move to Alexandria!
  • We took the cats to the vet yesterday and Emma needs to have her teeth cleaned. I didn’t know that was a thing.
  • Ben and I signed up for MoviePass, a movie theater subscription service. For $10/month, you can go to one movie a day. We used it yesterday to see Jumanji and will use it again this week to see The Post. I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to Ben.
  • I’m obsessed with the show Velvet on Netflix. The New York Post called it, “the best Netflix show you aren’t watching yet.

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