Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis

I’ve been on an afternoon tea binge lately.

In early November, Yasmin and I had afternoon tea at Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis. Reynolds is one of my favorite places for tea. It’s historic (1747) and not too expensive. A traditional afternoon tea is $21 per person (compared to $32 at Lady Camellia in Georgetown). Plus it gives me a reason to go to Annapolis.

The Henley Park Hotel in DC also serves afternoon tea, but I prefer the atmosphere at Reynolds or Lady Camellia, as the decor at Henley Park is a bit more modern.

I’ve heard that the Willard Hotel near the White House has a fancy afternoon tea with live harp music. The menu doesn’t appeal to me though. I prefer a traditional afternoon tea – not egg salad sandwiches topped with cavier (ick) or shrimp and watercress sandwiches. What happened to just cucumber and cream cheese?

A friend and I are having tea at Lady Camellia at the end of November. And then I should probably take a break before I gain twenty pounds.


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