Emma’s Fuzzy Blanket

Ben and I have slowly been redecorating our apartment and trying to make it more cozy. Ordinarily, I’d never buy a fuzzy blanket but I’ve read that you should embrace textures when decorating, so we gave it a shot. I think it’s revolutionized the cats’ lives. They love this blanket, as well as the few others that we’ve bought.

We have a wool throw blanket at the end of the bed, which is Emma’s favorite blanket in the bedroom. When I try to make the bed in the morning, it’s a struggle to get her off of it.

Random Thoughts

  • I’ve taken two of five classes in metal jewelry making. The first one was a struggle. It’s challenging to learn something new, and having it from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. after work on a Wednesday doesn’t help matters.
  • The second class was better, because I somewhat knew what I was doing. I arrived thirty minutes early so that I could catch up (I fell behind in the first class because I took a break to eat chocolate, not realizing that we were supposed to make two pendants, when I’d only made one).
  • We’re making pendants out of brass, before we move on to silver. Once I learn the basics, I’m hoping to make a pendant version of Jane Austen’s ring.

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