Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis

I’ve been on an afternoon tea binge lately.

In early November, Yasmin and I had afternoon tea at Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis. Reynolds is one of my favorite places for tea. It’s historic (1747) and not too expensive. A traditional afternoon tea is $21 per person (compared to $32 at Lady Camellia in Georgetown). Plus it gives me a reason to go to Annapolis.

The Henley Park Hotel in DC also serves afternoon tea, but I prefer the atmosphere at Reynolds or Lady Camellia, as the decor at Henley Park is a bit more modern.

I’ve heard that the Willard Hotel near the White House has a fancy afternoon tea with live harp music. The menu doesn’t appeal to me though. I prefer a traditional afternoon tea – not egg salad sandwiches topped with cavier (ick) or shrimp and watercress sandwiches. What happened to just cucumber and cream cheese?

A friend and I are having tea at Lady Camellia at the end of November. And then I should probably take a break before I gain twenty pounds.


Emma’s Fuzzy Blanket

Ben and I have slowly been redecorating our apartment and trying to make it more cozy. Ordinarily, I’d never buy a fuzzy blanket but I’ve read that you should embrace textures when decorating, so we gave it a shot. I think it’s revolutionized the cats’ lives. They love this blanket, as well as the few others that we’ve bought.

We have a wool throw blanket at the end of the bed, which is Emma’s favorite blanket in the bedroom. When I try to make the bed in the morning, it’s a struggle to get her off of it.

Random Thoughts

  • I’ve taken two of five classes in metal jewelry making. The first one was a struggle. It’s challenging to learn something new, and having it from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. after work on a Wednesday doesn’t help matters.
  • The second class was better, because I somewhat knew what I was doing. I arrived thirty minutes early so that I could catch up (I fell behind in the first class because I took a break to eat chocolate, not realizing that we were supposed to make two pendants, when I’d only made one).
  • We’re making pendants out of brass, before we move on to silver. Once I learn the basics, I’m hoping to make a pendant version of Jane Austen’s ring.

“Creating Camelot” at the Newseum

The Newseum has an exhibit of photographs by Jacques Lowe, the Kennedys’ personal photographer. The photo above, of the couple on a break during campaigning, was one of my favorites. They seem like a normal couple; at that point, they probably were. I think this was before they were famous.

The entrance to the exhibit:

Jackie in front of their Georgetown home:

A photograph of Jackie that appeared on several magazine covers:

On the same floor as the exhibit is an observation deck that provides a view of the capitol:

“Creating Camelot” is on view through January 7, 2018. Admission is $25 per person, which seems pricey given that there are so many free museums in DC, but you can return the next day for free.