Brunch Tea at Historic Rosemont Manor

On Friday, Ben and I took a vacation day from work and drove to the Shenandoah Valley. We had brunch tea at Historic Rosemont Manor, a B&B that has hosted several presidents, including Roosevelt and Kennedy.

Rosemont served non-alcoholic apple cider mimosas, scones, a stack of mini pancakes with layers of jelly, nutella and peanut butter in between; stuffed apple croissants; chicken and waffles; mini pumpkin pie  and several other items. Both Ben and I really liked it (he said it was “surprisingly delightful”).

After brunch, we drove to Leesburg, a town in Loudoun County that’s similar to Old Town, Alexandria, with its red brick sidewalks and storefronts in historic brick buildings. I’m actually writing this post from a Leesburg cafe.

Random Thoughts

  • The metal jewelry making course that I enrolled in starts on Wednesday. Fingers crossed that I like it because it’s 5 weeks long.
  • I finished a book about the Duchess of Devonshire called The Duchess. I’m thinking about incorporating the books that I read into this blog, so that I’m forced to summarize them and retain what I read. We’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling.
  • We’re attending a Halloween party and despite my internet searches, I still don’t have a costume. I may resort to cat ears.

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