Woodlawn Plantation

In the same weekend that I visited Tudor Place, I went to a house with another Washington connection: Woodlawn Plantation.

Woodlawn is close to Mount Vernon, and that’s because it used to be part of the estate. On George Washington’s birthday in 1799, his nephew Lawrence Lewis married Martha’s granddaughter (his step-granddaughter) Nelly Custis. Washington gave them the land as a wedding present.

This house has fewer objects than Tudor Place (it was sold out of the family in 1846), but it’s just as interesting, given that Nelly is a prominent figure at Mount Vernon. She was raised by the Washingtons after her father died, and she gave birth to her first child at Mount Vernon, likely in the Chintz Room.

Due to the number of people on our tour and the small space, I found it easier to take pictures of the objects in the home than the home itself.

A clock in the dining room:

A vase on a mantel:

The top of a guest bed:

The brass rings would have been used to anchor a curtain that would hold in heat during the winter.

Random Thoughts

  • I’m going to learn embroidery! I saw some embroidered wall hangings in a vintage furniture store and was inspired to make my own. To get started, I bought a cross stitch sampler at the Mount Vernon gift shop and a book on boho embroidery from my local sewing store (I’m not sure what boho embroidery is, but I liked the sample projects in the book).
  • I have a goal to walk 70,000 steps per week, and I’ve been listening to the History Chicks podcast on my walks after work. The episodes are usually more than an hour. I’ve already listened to podcasts on Queen Victoria, the Gilded Age heiresses and Georgianna, the Duchess of Devonshire.
  • Ben and I just watched the first episode of This Is Us. I’ve heard it’s a tear-jerker, and I have a feeling that I’m going to regret this. The first episode had such a good twist that I can’t not watch it.

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