I’ve been reading about the Danish concept of coziness called hygge, and while I can’t say that I truly understand what it means, I get the general idea: it’s about candles, throw blankets, plush slippers – the little things that make life more comfortable.

I never light candles. Not because I don’t like them – I do – but because I hate the thought of using them up (the same reason that I don’t buy flowers). Ben will leave a candle burning for hours, whereas I start to feel uneasy after one. To me, burning a candle is like burning money.

In an effort to bring more hygge into my life, I bought a few candles, and I’ve actually been using them. I have to admit that they do make a room more cozy. I’m even getting over my anxiety that they’ll burn down too soon.

Of course, these candles are cheap ($5 or less at HomeGoods). If I ever managed to pay $30 for a candle, it would be locked away in a closet, where it would be safe until Ben found it. I admire his devil-may-care attitude but I’m not there yet.