Afternoon Tea at Lady Camellia

My friend Yasmin and I had afternoon tea this morning at Lady Camellia in Georgetown. Not only was the food delicious, but it’s adorable inside.

It was a bit of a mad dash to take pictures. Lady Camellia is tiny, and I had to snap pictures before the rest of the tables filled.

Unlike most places, where you order a set menu, Lady Camellia lets you choose exactly what’s on your plate. For my sandwiches, I ordered the egg salad and the brie and apple sandwiches (no cucumber for me, thank you). My bread choice was less inspired. I had a chocolate cranberry scone (yum) and a croissant (that one was a panic order).

I was so full by the time we reached the dessert course that I just ate two and gave the rest to Ben. He assured me that the fruit tartlet and the macaroon were excellent.

Because the tea room is so small, reservations need to be made in advance. I believe that ours were made two or three weeks ahead of time. It was worth the wait!


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