Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace was one of my favorite places that we visited on vacation (tied with the Tower of London). We were free to explore on our own, accompanied by an audio tour. You could easily spend an entire day here (or two!).

Hampton Court was one of Henry VIII’s palaces and was where his third wife, Jane Seymour, gave birth to their son.

The apartments of Henry and his wives overlooked the courtyard above.

The Great Hall (below) contained a carving of Henry and Anne Boleyn’s initials. Most of her initials had been removed following her death, but this one remained. It’s in the wood panel on the right side of this photo. Henry’s staff ate in the Great Hall and dances would be held here. The tapestries on the wall were commissioned by Henry himself.

The next room is the Great Watching Chamber, where guards were stationed to control access to the king. The ceiling includes Jane Seymour’s family emblem.

A second courtyard houses a fountain that flowed with wine (it’s a replica).

A room leading to the royal chapel is supposedly haunted by Katherine Howard, who ran through the hallway to try to reach the king and beg his forgiveness before her execution. I didn’t take a photo of that room, since it was fairly plain.

Random Thoughts

  • I’ve lost my sewing motivation ever since we got back from vacation. Today I subscribed to Colette’s online magazine Seamwork, in hopes it will inspire me to sew again. I really like the Veronica pattern in the latest edition. I’m wondering if I should abandon what I’m currently working on and sew the Veronica dress while I’m excited about it.
  • I found a new fabric store! It’s called Three Little Birds Sewing Co. and it’s in Hyattsville, MD (about 17 miles away, or a 30-minute drive).
  • In general, there’s few fabric stores in the area. There’s Stitch Sew Shop in Old Town (it has beautiful, modern fabrics), G Street Fabrics (not on G Street in DC but in Rockville, 45 minutes away), and JoAnn’s (I’ve been there twice and it’s horrendous). I’m hoping that Three Little Birds will give me some more options.

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