Kilkenny Castle

On June 12, we boarded a Paddywagon bus for a day tour to Wicklow (where the TV show Vikings is filmed) and Kilkenny.

Kilkenny castle, built in the 13th century, was my favorite stop (and is the first castle I’ve ever seen).

The room above is the picture gallery, which I think is deserving of a more impressive name. It’s really stunning. It’s also bigger than what it looks like here; I was looking away from the part of the room that was full of tourists.

A hallway ceiling:

The drawing room:

The dining room:

A guest bedroom (I believe they said a queen stayed here):

The castle exterior:

I liked the experience of a guided tour. I learned more about Ireland than I would have if we’d gone on our own. For instance, I learned that:

  • More Irish is spoken outside of Ireland than in the country itself. When the British conquered Ireland, the Irish language was forbidden. Now the language is being taught at schools and signs are in both Irish and English.
  • Their religion (Catholicism) and the ability to own land was also forbidden.
  • President Obama is part Irish and visited his cousin (?) during his second presidential campaign.

There was more, but I seem to have forgot it!


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