Ben and I arrived in Dublin at 5:30 a.m. on June 11th. After catching up on our sleep, we left The Morgan Hotel to explore the area. We stopped at Sweeney’s Pub for lunch (U2 has played there), and Ben had his first Guinness in Ireland. Since then, there have been several pub stops.

My overall impressions of Ireland so far:

  • It’s cold; colder than I expected. I wear a scarf every day and we’ve been rained on daily without fail.
  • They use cash more than I expected. Before we get into a cab, we have to ask if they take credit cards (we learned that the hard way on our first day), and when we eat out, there is rarely an opportunity to add the tip to the bill.
  • Street signs are hit or miss in Dublin. Sometimes, they’ll be on a building on the corner of a street. Other times, they’re non-existent.
  • I prefer the countryside to Dublin. The mountains and greenery more closely match what I expected of Ireland and are more peaceful, while Dublin can feel grungy and chaotic, especially in the Temple Bar neighborhood, which is full of bars and restaurants.
  • The Bueno candy bar is delicious. It’s my new favorite. I’m going to look for it at our grocery store when we’re home.

I’m enjoying my time here, but I’m looking forward to seeing the sunshine in England and wearing summer clothes.

More pictures to come of Ireland!


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