A Summer Evening with Lady Washington

In honor of Martha Washington’s June 2 birthday, Mount Vernon had an evening tour of the estate yesterday. The tour started at 6:40 p.m. and lasted for over an hour, followed by a reception in the upper garden with music and greeting Lady Washington.

Ben was nice enough to go with me.

Afterwards, we went to Taco Bell, which we haven’t been to in at least a year (the closest one to our apartment is 20 minutes away). I was shocked at the amount of food that we got for $15 (not that we’re planning to make this a regular thing).

Random Thoughts

  • I missed posting last week, since both Ben and I were sick. He was sick on Friday, and I caught it on Sunday. I’m still not 100% better (I can’t stop coughing and I’m still congested), but I’m hoping to be recovered by the time we leave for our trip.
  • Our flight leaves on Saturday morning. We’ll spend the 11th through the 15th in Ireland and 16th through the 23rd in England, with a day trip to Paris on the 22nd.
  • We’ve booked a couple of guided tours, one to Kilkenny Castle and Wicklow and another to Cliffs of Moher. In England we had booked a guided tour to Bath and Stonehenge, but it was cancelled by the tour operator, so we’ll be going to all of our England destinations alone. I’m most looking forward to seeing Jane Austen’s home, Chawton House; Bath and Hampton Court Palace.
  • I will try to post to the blog during the trip, but we haven’t yet decided if we’ll be bringing our laptops.
  • I’ve never traveled internationally before. I’m so excited!

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