Museum of the American Revolution

Ben and I planned to visit Gettysburg yesterday, but the weather forecast changed from a high of 70 degrees to a high of 60. We decided to wait for a warmer day instead and drove to Philadelphia’s new Museum of the American Revolution.

I don’t have many pictures, since it was dark and crowded. The picture above is a sign on the liberty tree in one of the exhibits. The tree was fake, although it did have a piece of wood from a liberty tree that stood in Annapolis, MD until 1999.

The highlight of the museum was General Washington’s tent, which is in one of the museum’s theaters. It’s hidden from view as you watch a short movie about George Washington in the war (which includes a Mount Vernon cameo). Towards the end of the movie,  the first screen lifts to reveal a second and you see the silhouette of the tent; the video continues and gradually the second screen lifts to reveal the tent, with images of the changing seasons behind it. I thought it was dramatic and stunning. I watched it twice.


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