The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier, a resort in West Virginia, is a four-hour drive from Alexandria and is surrounded by the Allegheny Mountains. It’s a self-contained community, with restaurants, shops, a pool, gym, tennis courts, movie theater and casino. Forty-four U.S presidents have stayed at the Greenbrier, and in the 1950s, a bomb shelter was built here to house Congress in case of war.

Ben and I had a long weekend at the resort, spending most of our time reading and dining. I was hoping to set up shop with my laptop in the writing room (below) until a wedding party invaded for pictures. Luckily, I had already snapped a few pictures myself.

Random Thoughts

  • Ben and I took a self-guided tour of George Washington sites in Alexandria this morning. I saw his pew inside of Christ Church, and I learned that he drilled his troops at Market Square, both for the French and Indian War and later for the Revolutionary War. The Civil War Hospitals tour is next on my list (I’m still mourning the loss of Mercy Street).
  • For our anniversary trip in June, Ben and I have decided to take a day off from London to visit Paris. I was resistant at first (I didn’t want to shorten our time in England), but Paris is too exciting to pass up.
  • Closer to home, I’m making a list of the places that I’d like to visit in DC, Virginia and Maryland. After a year of exploring, I thought that there wouldn’t be much left to see. But my list already has 20 items, with plenty more to go.

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