Katherine Hepburn’s Oscars

These are Katherine Hepburn’s Oscars on display in the National Portrait Gallery.

Random Thoughts

  • I had such a good birthday! Ben and I celebrated by spending the day in Georgetown, having lunch and taking a self-guided tour of spy sites. It was unusually warm, so we went to Meridian Park to read for awhile before heading back to Alexandria for dinner.
  • I also received a lot of delicious food as gifts – brownies, hot chocolate, two boxes of chocolates. People know me well.
  • We drove to Richmond yesterday to see Hollywood Cemetery where Jefferson Davis is buried (pictures coming next week). We shopped in Carytown and had dinner at my favorite Richmond restaurant, Tarrant’s Cafe. I really like Richmond, and it’s usually a little bit warmer than Alexandria. Richmond’s high yesterday was 70 degrees, while Alexandria’s was in the mid-60s.
  • We binge-watched HBO’s Big Little Lies until we were caught up with the season. The first episode was slow-going but it got better from there. I really hope that Perry gets what’s coming to him.
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