Cattle Pen

I’ve been a homebody for the past two weeks and have slacked in my resolution to take photos (I missed last week’s blog post completely).

However, I now have a source of inspiration on weekdays. I’m working on the estate instead of in an off-site office. The above is a quick picture that I took on a walk to see the animals. (The animals weren’t being photogenic, hence the shadows).

Random Thoughts

  • I’m reading Better Than Before, a book about changing habits. Of the four tendencies the author defines, I’m an obliger, which means that I meet outside obligations but have trouble doing things for which there’s no accountability. That’s why classes (and this blog) work so well for me – I need to feel as if there will be consequences if I don’t do something. You can find out which tendency you have with this online quiz.
  • I tried Peruvian food for the first time, at China Chilcano in DC. Definitely out of my comfort zone. The fried yuca was good. It tasted like mashed potatoes.
  • An update on the Stylebook App – it has changed my relationship with my closet. I haven’t bought new clothes since I added them to the app in January. I haven’t exhausted all of my current outfit possibilities, and in some instances, I I could possibly fill in the gaps with sewing.
  • Ben and I went to the Phillips Collection yesterday to see an exhibit on French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. It’s on view through April.

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