Baby Piglets & Lambs at Mount Vernon

This is probably one of the best times of the year to visit Mount Vernon.

Just this week, two piglets were born.

Lambs were born in early March.

Obviously this guy’s not a baby, but he was pretty photogenic as he waited near the fence for someone to pet him.


The Costumes of Mercy Street

I’m so sad that PBS cancelled Mercy Street!

The medical drama was set in Civil War Alexandria and just completed its second season. This month, Alexandria’s history museum, the Lyceum, opened an exhibit of the show’s costumes, on view through September 1.

The blue dress was worn by Mary Phinney, a widowed nurse; the green by Emma Green, whose wealthy confederate family owned the Mansion House Hotel (which was converted into a hospital during the war); and the pink by her sister Alice Green. In the show, Alice becomes a Confederate spy, but the real Alice Green died before the war. The doctor’s uniform was worn by Dr. Foster, played by How I Met Your Mother’s Josh Radnor.

If you have Amazon Prime, Mercy Street is available to stream for free. I’m considering subscribing just so I can re-watch the past two seasons.

Cattle Pen

I’ve been a homebody for the past two weeks and have slacked in my resolution to take photos (I missed last week’s blog post completely).

However, I now have a source of inspiration on weekdays. I’m working on the estate instead of in an off-site office. The above is a quick picture that I took on a walk to see the animals. (The animals weren’t being photogenic, hence the shadows).

Random Thoughts

  • I’m reading Better Than Before, a book about changing habits. Of the four tendencies the author defines, I’m an obliger, which means that I meet outside obligations but have trouble doing things for which there’s no accountability. That’s why classes (and this blog) work so well for me – I need to feel as if there will be consequences if I don’t do something. You can find out which tendency you have with this online quiz.
  • I tried Peruvian food for the first time, at China Chilcano in DC. Definitely out of my comfort zone. The fried yuca was good. It tasted like mashed potatoes.
  • An update on the Stylebook App – it has changed my relationship with my closet. I haven’t bought new clothes since I added them to the app in January. I haven’t exhausted all of my current outfit possibilities, and in some instances, I I could possibly fill in the gaps with sewing.
  • Ben and I went to the Phillips Collection yesterday to see an exhibit on French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. It’s on view through April.