National Cathedral


I took a photo tour of the National Cathedral this morning. I highly recommend our tour guide David Luria of Washington Photo Safari – I learned a ton in 2.5 hours!

He showed us how the stained glass windows cast colored light in the nave and how to adjust our white balance settings for mixed light sources. He also showed me how to photograph tall buildings without distorting the vertical lines. A 10mm lens and a shift lens will help, which are on my shopping list for our vacation to Europe in June.



Random Thoughts

  • Today marked my first solo drive into DC! I drove 20 minutes to the National Cathedral and then 30 to Union Market for lunch. It was fairly stress-free, and I’m feeling more confident in my ability to drive in the city.
  • Ben and I booked our plane tickets for Europe. In June, we’ll spend 5 days in Ireland and 7 in England. That gives me six months to become a master photographer.
  • We’ve also been cooking a few nights each week. We made falafel burgers, tofu lasagna, quiche, and a ricotta and egg tart. All turned out well (I especially liked the falafel burgers). My one attempt to make an omelet on my own wasn’t as successful, but I feel like I’ve learned some valuable lessons (such as to add the filling before the omelet burns).
  • We’ve also been diligent in going to yoga. We had two workshop classes and have also attended two Saturday morning Intro to Yoga classes. My plank pose is already better than it was before, although Warrior 3 is a nightmare. I’m going to practice at home before the next class and see if I can get my leg off the ground this time.
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